Rest in Peace, old buddy.
He was a retired rodeo horse, and he had been bred by Parker Ranch and
used on the ranch, before being sold to a family that used him on their own
ranch, and for rodeo. He was a fine horse. He was a son of Gallant Bear.

They brought him to us on a Sunday. He ate lunch in his stall  the next
Thursday, lay down, and died peacefully. No struggle, he just died of failure
from a chronic condition.

It cost us about $150.00 and a day's work and a lot of tears to dispose of him.

But what more can you ask, at the end,  than a full stomach, a soft clean place
to lie down, and someone to mourn your passing?

We have, however, begun to ask for a bit of a donation, if at all possible, for
surrendered animals!

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It broke my heart to write this update.

This was a really, really cool horse. We were starting to ride
him. He knew a lot, was very handy, but was very short on
trust. We think it was a spinal lesion, from the sway back.

Bob was found wandering the subdivision wearing a ratty old
halter and trailing a short rope......
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Larry is now Makana, and has been re-adopted, for the third
time, and lives in Tangerine Acres.
He was being very naughty where he was placed the first time, and we took
him back.
He was not back here at the rescue for four hours until
a nice lady from
Kona, who was second on the list, came and got him for her fiance', and
they re-named him Makana (it means Gift in Hawaiian) and they were
very happy with him.  He needed a one-on-one situation, because he
was always a little herd-bound had never really learned to bond with a
human. They did a good job winning his heart, but they found
themselves overwhelmed by other issues.

We were very happy to adopt him out, for the third time, to a lady who
has nine acres of good grass and a small black and white pony, and
Makana fell in love.
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Too many horses fall through the cracks because people just
have the wrong horse. There is somebody for everybody.

The big tank is the water for the barn. The rain falls on the roof, runs
down the gutter into the tank, where we get it out with a gasoline
powered water pump.
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For Christmas a couple of years ago, we were able to purchase this
very rugged Hawaiian-style trailer, which helps us to go up into the
back country. T^his is a little 6 cylinder Ford F150 2WD truck,
which is easier on gas and is our feed-getter.
The CB Horse Rescue truck and new trailer
Hawaii Horse Rescue
We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home equines; provide them with compassionate care and
rehabilitation; and finally find them a compatible, loving home. We believe that education is the
long term solution to improving the lives of equines.

CB Horse Rescue is a registered Hawaii nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3),  
dedicated to the compassionate care of equines. Your donations keep us going and the horses
happy.  We welcome you to join our growing list of sponsors, every little bit helps. As donations
increase we will be able to help more horses and donkeys.  Every little bit helps!
This is 'Colors'. She came in on Tuesday the 13th of April. I went and got her in the
new grey trailer, which is wonderful... She was standing in a pasture of wainaku
grass.  Wainaku grass is not for horses. They'll die rather than eat it. It is very bitter.
She had been given to the Rescue to live out her days in happy retirement. She
really is a lovely gal.
Colors is a babysitter if we ever saw one! She is a very kind, patient and loving mare.
She now has a loving family of little girls.
<----  Click on her picture if you want to see  the changes in her, in
only two months. This is amazing! You have to see this, it is almost
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We will always take an adopted
animal back, and will honor them
and the people, with open arms
and love.
We still have
donkeys, though
most have been
adopted. Contact us.
We have adopted out
114, but we know
where to get more.
Zebulon, top right, and at left waking up
from his castration at Aina Hou Animal
Hospital.. See the gal in the pen looking
out? Uncle Sonny on the horse. Dr.
Brady Bergin on the fence.
Fixing an overgrown hoof.
This is the Big Block Big Rig Ford F250 long bed with
the 460 engine, here seen pulling the Silverado 4 horse
slant load gooseneck aluminum trailer.

In 4WD low gear, this truck can climb almost
anywhere. To go into those really rugged back roads
and gnarly places, we hook up the gray trailer to this
NEW ADDITION not even a day old.
Born to one of the females we adopted
out. Look at his little fur hat!
Big happenings with the donkeys!
GONE to Peaceful Valley Donkey
Rescue in Tehachapi, CA.  The
males have been castrated, and all
have been checked for health.
Pleasant Valley Donkey Rescue is
taking about 150, and Eagle Eye
Rescue is taking about 30. They
flew out of Kona airport on
September 16.
Here are some pictures of the
processing day.  The Humane
Society of the United States is
picking up the tab, about $75,000.
Above: Veterinary teams doing
their thing; Uncle Sonny on horse.
Below: 'I see you, but mostly we
hear you.'
Keith Dane from HSUS and
helpers keeping the chute
Above: Inga Gibson
from HSUS and
Casey, who tames,
fosters,  and adopts
out young donkeys.
Below: MH SASSY SHOW GIRL, a registered
Miniature Horse mare, 17, the day she came in. She
looked a
whole lot better after just one week.
Rainrot, and half of that shaggy mane and tail came
off in the hairbrush.We had never had Minis before,
and she was just as nice as can be!
Happy to adopt her out to a Veterinary Technician.
Sassy could not have landed in a better situation!
This was a happy referral.
This big guy went to a big
man. We love it when all
we have to do is make a
couple of phone calls.
This guy eats a bag of
cubes a day, and we were
certainly happy when he
went directly from
surrender to his new
home, on lots and lots of
good pasture. He has
teeth and feet issues that
will all be solved.
This was the only trailer
that fit. He is 17.2 or
BIG NEWS! We are now a 501(c)(3) Corporation! Your donations will be TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
Beelzebub boards here, above. BLM
donkey from Reno.
One of the babies born here. They were
so cute!
horse, we
could not
save. His
mane was
worn off from
eating through
the fence, his
Rescuer had
walked him
one mile to
her place
before calling
me, and he
went down
and would not
get up. 6 yr.
old black

We call her Old
Marealyn, she is
about 25, goes
very well barefoot,
and is a very kind
mare who loves to
be scratched
under the chin..
She would be great
as a child's leadline
horse, as a
companion horse,
or for pulling a
cart. She has a
beautiful trot,
conformation, and
We need your help with
this big red horse. He has
a sarcoid tumor under
his eye.  Veterinarian
appointment has been
made, and it is going to
cost $350.00 for that.
Then there is a=hauling
and a follow up visit.