Skinny Lii
Lii now lives in a pasture
with grass up past his
knees. He has lots of other
very well. This picture was
taken here the day he left.
Lii with Blanket
Horses in high grass
Lii in the pasture with some
of his new horse friends.
close up of Healing broken jaw
Lii with bird upon arrival
On arrival
Lii's Jaw is broken and was left
untreated.  Here it's healing &
is continuing to progress well.
Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and  re-home. We rescue abused, abandoned, or neglected
equines; provide them with compassionate care and rehabilitation; and finally find them a
compatible, loving home. We believe that education is the long term solution to improving the lives
of equines.

CB Horse Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the compassionate care of
equines. Your donations keep us going and the horses happy.  We welcome you to join our growing
list of sponsors, every little bit helps. As donations increase we will be able to help more horses.  
Every little bit helps!
close up of oozing broken jaw
Li'i has a lot of Go, is very easy to ride,
but he has no brakes, not much Whoa.
We have good reason to believe that his
jaw was broken with a mechanical
hackamore, with a cable noseband, long
shanks, and a curb chain.
People have asked, what is that in my
hand? That is a penicillin shot  for his