Feed Your Horse Like A Horse Book Cover
Juliet with her horse
Dr. Getty says:
Your horses are a big part of your life.  You want them to be at their best--
Healthy, beautiful, and strong.  Advances in equine science have come to
recognize the role that nutrition plays in medical intervention and
maintaining health.  Nutrition is a biological science, and as such, it
influences the entire animal's body and mind.    When advising my
horse-owner clients, I take special care to gain a thorough understanding
of all aspects of the horse's life. This holistic approach allows me to
analyze each horse's specific and unique situation.

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Feed Your Horse Like A Horse                                          Getty Equine Nutrition

(this is an awesome book...)
Barry's diamond
Kristin Frazier
is a champion barrel racer and Hilo's distributor of EquiPride.

Quarter Horse Ranch is a comprehensive family run facility in
Mountain View, Hawaii.  Offering stall board, pasture board, horse
training, and lessons.
Standing at stud is this gorgeous, gentle American Quarter Horse

Barry's Diamond
.  Not only is he beautiful and athletic,  he
passes these qualities, as well as his wonderful temperament, on to
his foals.
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Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and  re-home. We rescue abused, abandoned, or neglected
equines; provide them with compassionate care and rehabilitation; and finally find them a compatible,
loving home. We believe that education is the long term solution to improving the lives of equines.

CB Horse Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the compassionate care of
equines. Your donations keep us going and the horses happy.  We welcome you to join our growing list
of sponsors, every little bit helps. As donations increase we will be able to help more horses.  Every
little bit helps!
Quilting and fine gifts
Visit our friends at 200 West Main!
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Horse Rescue
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The Hawaii Island
Humane Society.
They are putting
on the Horse Expo
in August.
Equine 808 Horse rescue is on Oahu
and is doing a fabulous job. We are very
inspired by their work.

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Equine 808 Horse rescue
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The Unwanted
Horse Coalition.
The Kauai Humane Society
has been instrumental in
forming legislation for
Animal Welfare with the
Kauai County Council. They
have just rescued 17 horses.

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see how they are doing
Moniteau Saddle Club
has all kinds of
wonderful advice for
horse people.
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Horses - –Horse Show Central offers horseback riding and breed info, shows, stables, stallions and horses
for sale.
The Donkey Balls store made us a lovely donation- of
Donkey Balls are exquisite chocolates. They also sell
Kona coffee and other good things.
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Dr. Brady Bergin's fabulous Thoroughbred
stallion, to take you to the Donkey page, or
else just click on:
Aina Hou Animal Hospital.
Volcano Paradise Ranch, well, click on ---->>>
to find out! The owner, Sharon Sharp, fantastic
heroic whiz tech nerd and electrician, is our
webmistress and also keeps all our equine feet
in shape with the Natural trim.