Case of neglect? Procedure you can follow.
We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home equines; provide them with compassionate care and
rehabilitation; and finally find them a compatible, loving home. We believe that education is the
long term solution to improving the lives of equines.

CB Horse Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the compassionate care of
equines. Your donations keep us going and the horses happy.  We welcome you to join our
growing list of sponsors, every little bit helps. As donations increase we will be able to help more
horses.  Every little bit helps!
First, approach the person in the spirit of aloha and helpfulness. Maybe it is just a matter of
donating a bag of feed or some hay. Don't make enemies.

Or maybe this is chronic.
Or you may be afraid of the person and wish to remain anonymous.

In which case, try the following procedure ...

Document everything! Photographs and videos are excellent records. Even your cell phone
can do this.
Get a cheap composition book, because you'll need something for this.
Records and documents, I cannot stress this enough, will give continuity to what you are trying
to do

Record the Time and Date for any instance you called or had contact, no matter how insignificant
you think this is, and record the Name of the contact organization, the Name of the person you
spoke with,  the contact's Phone number, and What was discussed.
Date and time of follow up, of whatever you got someone to agree to do. Be sure and record this
part, as well, so you have it on record.

First, call your local Police Department and report your concern, and the details, time, place,
owner, owner of property. You may have to go to the Tax Office to find out who owns the property.
The dispatcher will tell you that the Police Department does not handle animal neglect cases, and
refer you to the Humane Society. That is fine, but write it down.  Thank her/him, get the person's
name,  and then, ask to speak to your Community Policing Officer.  Set up an appointment if s/he
is not available. If nothing happens in two days, get back to the Police Department on this, ask for
a call back, and you may have to speak to his/her superior to get action. (Record this, too!)
You are merely apprising them of a situation, and this is the first thing or two that goes in your
Then, call the Humane Society. There are several numbers for different districts. Apprise them of
the neglect case. Inform them that you will help them and that you will be taking pictures and
recording the animal's progress  every week, and documenting all abuse and neglect calls.
Then do it.
Explain  that you will be following up.
Be advised: The animal care laws in Hawaii are very old fashioned.

We have no Minimum Care Guidelines for horses in this state.

The groundwork is in place for a Hawaii Horse Council. All we need
is people willing to run it.
If  your local Humane Society is dropping the ball, find out if a Humane Society in your area has
received monies from the Horse Community to rescue horses, and call them.

If that does not work, call the Attorney General and ask why this money is not being used to rescue
CB Horse Rescue does not prosecute.  Our job is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome equines.  
Here is the procedure to follow for neglect/abuse cases:
Remember, the Animal Care Laws in Hawaii are very weak. Yelling at the Humane Society is not going
to change the law. They are doing the best they can with the laws that we do have.
12% of homes in the state of Hawaii are in foreclosure. One out of six people in Hawaii County is going hungry.
Did you know that the Food Stamps program only allots a person $217.00 a month for food? That is almost enough to feed a
horse, buy it fly spray, inoculations, worm medicine, not to mention paying its rent.
Think of what this means to the  horses, whose owner now has no income, and cannot make mortgage payments, and who is
losing the home.
Sometimes all that people need is a little help.
Hawaii animal cruelty statutes
Click the foal to read the Hawaii Animal Cruelty Statutes ------>